Meet Tracy L. Williams

Meet Tracy L. Williams


IMG_3387Tracy L. Williams is faithfully one of God’s divine designs. She is a walking testimony of God’s power, love, discipline, righteousness and perfection because of her obedience to adhere to and walk in the Word of God.

Tracy is a loving devoted wife, mother and grandmother, the first lady of Ontario Christian Center, a minister of the gospel, bestselling author, entrepreneur, soul winner full of fire, and most importantly she has the heart and desires of God.

Born in 1968 in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri, Tracy was able to turn tragedy into victory. Two months before her birth Tracy’s father suffered an accidental death leaving Tracy and her brother Terrell to be a product of a single parent home raised by her now spirit filled mother Geraldine. Life was not always easy but before the beginning of time God, her heavenly Father, had already chosen her as His own. He knew Tracy would never be a statistic but a witness to the awesomeness He and only He could be capable of doing.

Tracy attended the University of Missouri and pursued her Bachelors at the International Academy- IMAD in Chicago, IL.  Upon graduation in 1994 she moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue an acting career.  After being featured in several national sitcoms and securing a commercial, she found no satisfaction or fulfillment in these accomplishments.

Tracy found herself relocating back to Chicago to pursue her intended career in marketing.  She pioneered her own public relations company in 1998 called Moss Plus, Inc. where she secured marketing contracts with start-up IT companies, the professional sports arena, entertainment groups, along with one of Chicago’s top secular radio stations.

God had purpose when Tracy went back to Chicago and although fruitful in her career as an entrepreneur, actress, and model, this was far from what God had in mind. In November 2001 Tracy L. Williams realized what it meant to humble herself in the sight of God as she cried out for newness and change in her life. She no longer wanted the world’s definition of who she should be. The Lord heard the sincerity of her heart and the true intimate love between her and God was completely restored.

In February 2002, she became a member of LivingWordChristianCenter under the authority of Pastor Bill Winston were she underwent a radical transformation becoming a doer of the Word. At Living Word Christian Center Tracy was water baptized, filled with the Holy Spirit and made perfect in Christ for Dr. Juan Williams, Sr. to find her.

Within one year Tracy became the first African-American woman salesperson at a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Chicago.  There she served the Christian and secular community, not only with automobiles but also with the “Gospel”.  Her office became a rest haven for lost souls.  The good news of Jesus she shared compelled managers, staff, and clients to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. This pruning is what opened up the door for God to truly bless her.

In August 2003, Tracy responded to the call of God to leave Mercedes (the world system) and go preach the gospel. It was during this time that Dr. Juan Williams, Sr. “found a good thing” and Tracy was married and on her way to a new life in California. Tracy had been cultivating and practicing hearing God’s voice so when it was time to go she went in confidence. She may have left her natural family 3000 miles away but the Holy Spirit was preparing her for the church and children who would become her own. God had positioned Tracy as a co-laborer to accompany Dr. Juan Williams, Sr., her husband, in ministry where she could uphold and run with the vision God placed in both of their hearts to seek and save those which are lost and setting men free through the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Her greatest contribution to the body of Christ is her heart to win souls. She is a faithful soul winner who does not hesitate to put on her walking shoes and go out into the streets with her congregation to knock on doors rain or shine every week. Tracy understands that her life is a reflection of God’s goodness; what was given to her God has for everyone who chooses life. She desires to bring life to the world.

Tracy’s deepest desire is to know more of God daily as she seeks and effectively saves the lost; teaches believers obedience to the ministry of the Holy Spirit; and intercedes daily on behalf of the nation. She is a dynamic sought-after minister of the Gospel with the unique gifting to share biblical revelations that meet people right where they are. She keeps it real! Real answers for real people who seek a real Jesus causing sincere repentance. The end result leads to true change which is true love only given by our Father in Heaven. Falling in love with Jesus is truly the best thing Tracy could have ever done. Tracy L. Williams is a mover and a shaker, changing the world through prayer and soul winning, while maintaining her role as a helpmate to her husband and role model to generations to come. Just ask, and she too will show you how to intimately fall in love with Jesus.

“Deep inside I always wanted to see better for my family. I tried to encourage them myself in what I thought was success…     completing college, degrees, executive positions and an acting career that     only brought temporary fame. But it was not until I dedicated my life to Christ     that I truly began to see the change in my family that I deeply desired.” TLW

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