Our History

Our History

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On the 23rd day of December Nineteen Hundred and Fifty Five Dr. Juan Williams Sr. was born. Only a few short years later as a young boy witnessing poverty and lack in South Los Angeles, Juan declared the victorious words, “I will never be in poverty.” The seeds of life God deposited into Juan’s spirit set forth to accomplish all that they were sent to do, and long before Juan realized and accepted God’s call to “Feed My lamb and feed My sheep,” the power of God was working in his life. There was something different about Juan Williams, Sr.

Dr. Williams proved that the obstacles of growing up in the inner city would not make him a statistic but a testimony. His athletic ability granted him the opportunity to attend the University of California Riverside where he accepted the gift of salvation from a young man from Campus Crusade for Christ. Within a few years Juan found himself working in ministry at a four square church alongside his college sweetheart and wife Joyce Williams in Riverside, California.

After a few years as the assistant pastor of the Riverside Four Square Church, God spoke to Juan while on vacation in Kauai, and told him that he had been chosen to birth a new ministry. God gave Dr. Williams a vision to launch forth in ministry as a Pastor and Teacher committed to “Setting Men Free through the Knowledge of Jesus Christ!” (II Peter 1:3, St. John 8:36) and a mission to “Seek and Save that which is Lost globally by the power of the Holy Spirit.” During the months that followed God began to stir up and confirm His Word. In 1988 Dr. Williams and Joyce Williams were empowered to answer God’s calling to a specific work in the Inland Empire. Dr. Williams, along with his wife, family and 24 faithful warriors took a giant step of faith and The Word of Life Ministry was birthed!  God put a calling on his life and he received the calling in 1980. It was in 1984 the vision was spoken. In 1988 God’s vision was birthed.

Initially the Word of Life Ministry was a four square church based out of a four square background. From the Hilton Hotel in Ontario, CA with 24 members, the ministry moved within 1 year to an industrial complex in South Ontario with over 150 members; The Industrial Complex was one large room and often times very cold during the winter months and extremely hot during the summer months. Although in a hidden industrial park God expanded the ministry through outreach to over 200 members going from one room to leasing multi-rooms within the complex. This also included a baptismal area where over a hundred people were baptized in 1996 alone in a horse troth. This was also during the time the ministry started their women’s softball team who won three consecutive championships undefeated.

The Industrial Complex was the home for eight and a half years until it became necessary for further expansion.  It is vital to understand that while in the industrial park the Word of Life ministry was not visible to any street views and we were not on television or radio at the time. Membership was produced through the heart of Dr. Juan Williams, Sr. . . . grass roots outreach. Dr. Williams himself was a faithful outreach leader for over 7 years and only missed for vacation. It was outreach and the purchasing of a new heating and air unit for $10,000 1990 that the membership really began to grow.

On Sunday, March 1, 1998 was the first service in their present location, with a three plus acre facility in the heart of the Ontario community. For the first year as a ministry they were a Four Square Ministry and eventually transitioned to a Word of faith Ministry. Dr. Williams went from teaching theological sermons in 1988 to teaching the Word of Faith. This transition was around the mid 1990’s and is what helped set the ministry apart from other ministries in the surrounding areas. Dr. Frederick K.C. Price was a key influence in Dr. Williams’ faith teaching as he modeled the lifestyle of faith Dr. Price lived and walked in.


Moving into this new facility did not come easy. There were 75 other interested church groups. However, Ontario Christian Center was always a ministry of excellence and they had their financials in order with a down payment in hand. Staying in this facility would prove a test of faith as well. In the early hours of Tuesday morning, July 18, 2000 their sanctuary was burned.  This did not stop ministry from going forth and the Pastor was coined saying in the city paper that, “We will have service in the parking lot if we have to.” Because of God’s favor and their standing in faith (because the pastor was teaching faith), it was only a short period of time before the sanctuary was completely restored! They were also well over 900 members at that time. Using faith in such an ordeal opened the door for God to move. After the fire they officially started their Christian Center Academy which was initially a day care facility in 1999 and they increased their choir ministry dramatically. By this time they had transitioned their name two times from the Word of Life Four Square to the Word of Life Ministry of the Inland Empire. The sweetest memory was that the Pastor and first matriarch always took the time to walk the isle and personally greet with a hug members in the congregation.

It was in June 2002, the greatest test of their faith occurred when the matriarch, Joyce R. Williams made a decision to go and be with the Lord after a test of faith with Cancer. During her assignment as the First Lady of the Word of Life Ministry, Joyce was not only diligent in supporting and under girding our Pastor Dr. Juan Williams Sr., but she was an exceptional example of a servant of the Lord. This was during the Stability Years and stability is what helped the ministry through this testing time. When they could have given up and the Devil could have counted them out, God proved faithful. He was truly made strong in their weakness. The power of intercession was their weapon starting first with the man of God, Dr. Juan Williams, Sr. praying for the congregation and sustained by the intercession of the saints who prayed for the Williams family.

Intercessory prayer topped with unconditional pure love was what God called every church to walk in. Therefore, when the test came, the Word of Life Ministry proved they could not only walk by faith and not by sight but also tear down every lie, attack and division Satan may have tried to deliver. This form of intercession would later open the door for the birthing of the School of Intercessory Prayer (an extension of the School of Ministry) which now has hundreds of prayer warrior equipped graduates.

As the church grew in overflow there was no choice but to expand the parking lot to accommodate the people who were coming. This was during what some members called the boot camp years. This was the time that the Pastor would no longer accept just anything in ministry. It was also a time of rebuke and correction in the congregation which strengthened them and put them on the road to an explosion in ministry. On July 27, 2003, the Lord gave them an addendum to their name. It was on this day that, Ontario Christian Center…Where Jesus is the Word of Life was birthed. This name alteration would set them apart from the world and gave them claim to the city of Ontario, CA. In essence they were like the children of Israel crossing over the water into a new beginning all purposed in God.

In November 2003, Dr. Juan and the congregation of Ontario Christian Center was highly blessed with the now matriarch of Ontario Christian Center, First Lady, Tracy L. Williams. This covenant marriage would prove to be one of the greatest decisions that Dr. Williams ever made for his congregation. First Lady Tracy is not only a prayer warrior but understands the heart of God’s Kingdom . . . souls. She was divinely sent by God to undergird the Pastor Dr. Juan Williams, Sr. and be his loving helpmate. The ministry truly appreciates Dr. Juan Williams, Sr. for hearing God’s voice to bless the ministry with a woman who understands and runs with the vision and mission that God spoke to and through the Pastor in 1984.


It is because of Dr. Williams and Mrs. Tracy that Ontario Christian Center remains on the move to do miraculous works. At Ontario Christian Center the blind have gained sight at the altar, the physically dead have been recovered, the broken hearted have been healed, the financially destitute have been set free. Miracles, signs and wonders are not only evident at Ontario Christian Center they are real and very alive. They are in all of the members and a part of their praise report. Pastor has equipped OCC with the skills to cast out demons of poverty, lack, sickness and disease and they know how to walk in it.

OCC is an avenue to the nations totaling over 3,500 members. The love of God is evident at Ontario Christian Center from the parking lot, to the front doors and from the doors to every single person sitting in a chair or working throughout the ministry. The faithful members truly have their Pastor’s heart beat at Ontario Christian Center and His heart is God’s Love. They understand and know Love Never Fails and perfect love will always caste out fear.

The love of God and the faithfulness that was upon Ontario Christian Center would also open the door for our Africa Missions trips. With a new name change, an anointed matriarch and a congregation full of faith walkers and faith talkers came many anointed additions. In 2005 we started our food bank ministry which currently feeds over 120,000 people.

In 2006 OCC aired their first radio broadcast which opened the door to their television broadcast the “Highest Levels of Faith” and their internet broadcast on Streaming Faith in 2007. OCC is also reaching over 15,000 families through their mailing of newsletters and brought back “God’s Report the Magazine.” Their media ministry is potentially reaching millions all over the world through the live stream! They have expanded tremendously over the years in many areas. They also now have vans offering transportation on a weekly basis to and from service.

Dr. Williams innate, God given ability to forge, mold and shape leaders, and the high expectations he has for leaders are exemplified in his own life. This is why Ontario Christian Center is going to the top and over the top. Dr. Williams is a dynamic teacher of the Word of God whose straight forward, uncompromising style allows the Word to be grasped and easily applied in the lives of God’s people throughout the world. He is indeed a “shepherd after God’s own heart,” whose burning desire is that no soul be lost, and that God’s children walk by faith, not by sight! His heart is always been that God’s children experience God’s Best.

This ministry has literally touched hundreds of thousands of souls. Outreach and discipleship is their calling. This is why the ministry has been able to go from 24 members to over two-thousand members. OCC currently offers services in childcare, Share and Care Ministry, Life Ministry, Young at Heart, Daughters of Increase, Men’s Ministry, Royal Ambassadors, Majestic Misses Koinonia Café, Food Bank Ministry and much more. They have great things to look forward to. They are on the way to the City and in the meantime their new facility. They believe the Lord for 25 years of ministry in one day. Can you catch the vision? They are on their way!

This is only the beginning. They have witnessed throughout the United States, Europe, and parts of Africa. Today God is using Dr. Williams mightily and his faithful laborers to pour back into the lives of many young ministers of the Gospel, and to spread the good news to God’s people throughout the world. They are setting the captives free. Dr. Williams has earned a Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degree in addition to the revelation and wisdom that could only come straight from God the Father in Heaven.

Strong academic discipline and the ability to study the Word and hear God’s voice equips Dr. Williams and Mrs. Williams with the strategic tools to send out faithful laborers that are sound in the word of God; aiding them in God’s Holy calling to bring salvation to every person on this very earth. The harvest is now at Ontario Christian Center!

Dr. Williams and his dedicated, supportive wife, First Lady Tracy, have three sons – Juan, Jr., Julian and Jared Williams; and a beautiful array of grandchildren and thousands of spiritual children. They all look forward to where God is taking them and know the best is yet to come! OCC is the avenue to the nations through and by Christ Jesus because Christ is love and the love of God is the rock of Ontario Christian Center. Love Never Fails.

“So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, and guided them

by the skillfulness of his hands.” - Psalm 78:72