A Note From Our Pastor

A Note From Our Pastor

Dear Family,

As a ministry this is our year of greatness. It is a year full of God’s glory, His victory, and His light shining through us.

At the beginning of 2016 it was prophesied that Jesus Christ is Lord and the kingdom of God is manifested now through us. Many of us have sat in the congregation and made this statement boldly. However, have we really taken the time to understand the context and power in what we are declaring?

Jesus Christ is Lord. He is the master and owner of our life. He is our savior and the High Priest over our confession. It is His anointing on the inside of us that is removing burdens and destroying yokes. Within us is the power of God, and we must use the power entrusted to us to bring forth Kingdom manifestation. Kingdom manifestation is not self-seeking but, selfless in every area. When the Kingdom of God is manifested through us, we will begin to see our lives positively affecting those in our community.

To effectively change the community, we must own the idea that we are servant participants. It is an admirable concept to be a leader. Leaders do great things within the organizations they serve. However, it is astounding to be a servant participating in the Kingdom of God. These are the individuals, like you, who are not only impacting their organizations, but becoming a role model on a global level.

Servanthood is a voluntary submission to the Higher Calling of Christ. At Ontario Christian Center we are using the power that has been entrusted to us to serve others out of love and glorify God. When we participate we do so under authority and with accountability to God, His mission, the vision, Pastor and our fellow participants. We are maintaining excellence in our assigned task and participating in active fellowship with people who are serving with us.

It is because we understand servant participation, that our ministry is blessed beyond measure. We are doing good and I am proud of all of us.

I want to encourage all of us to continue to press in our walk of faith and stay involved. We cannot lose heart. We are experiencing God’s manifestation and this manifestation will only expand. God is expanding our territory because we have His heart and are living out His will. Continue to declare the Word of God over your life and your ministry. Our possibilities are limitless in Christ and I look forward to continuing in fellowship with you.


Tracy and I love you,


Dr. Juan & Mrs. Tracy L. Williams, Sr.

Founder and Pastor